Friday, June 24, 2011

Poll: GOP Dovishness on Libya is Just Partisanship

Democratic voters are more supportive of the Libyan air campaign than Republicans, stealing the hawkish pro-military mantle, at least for now, away from the increasingly isolationist GOP, a new survey shows.

Overall, by a margin of 46% to 39% more Americans oppose the NATO-led no-fly zone than support it, reversing the backing that the air campaign had at the outset of the action, a Gallup poll released today indicates.

Americans supported the action 47% to 37% back in March, the survey showed.

Democrats back the Libya action by a margin of 54% to 35%, roughly the same backing Obama's party gave the air campaign at the outset, the polls showed.

Republicans, however, have flipped on their support for the war. In March, the historically hawkish GOP backed the campaign by a margin of 57% to 31%, but those new-found doves now oppose the mission 47% to 39%, Gallup reported.

Independent voters have the most disapproval for the Libya action in the latest poll by a margin of 52% to 31%, but that comes as no surprise since the indies were against the mission at the outset, as well, by a 44%-38% spread.

In its analysis of the poll of 999 adults conducted June 22 Gallup attributed the change of heart in GOP support to partisan politics

"This likely reflects increased criticism of the mission's legality and cost from some Republican congressional leaders and presidential candidates," Gallop analyst Jeffrey Jones  wrote of the survey that has a sampling error of plus or minus of 4%.

The survey comes as the House conducts two show votes today aimed at signaling its disdain for President Obama refusing to abide by the War Powers resolution.

The House action, which would cut spending for the U.S. role in Libya, is mainly theatrics, since the Senate is not expected to follow suit. The Senate is primed to give Obama at least until the end of the year to wrap up the Libya campaign.

The most interesting aspect of the symbolic House opposition to the bombing campaign is the unlikely alliance of conservative Republicans and peacenik Democrats.

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