Friday, June 10, 2011

Clinton Knocks Down Talk of Her Moving to World Bank

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton disputed today a report by Reuters that she is interested in leaving the Obama administration to head the World Bank.

"With respect to the World Bank, I have had no discussions with anyone. I have evidenced no interest to anyone. I do not have any interest and am not pursuing that position," she said while in Zambia meeting with President Rupiah Bando.

"It’s a very important institution, and obviously we want to see the World Bank well-led. We work closely with the World Bank, but I am absolutely dedicated to my service as secretary of State," Clinton added.

Her staff colorfully knocked down the report yesterday, telling one reporter it was a load of bull (to paraphrase).

Clinton may indeed leave State, if President Obama cannot beg her stay, but the World Bank job did not seem to match her description of what she would like to do when she leaves the government, specifically working on behalf of women and children.

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