Wednesday, September 7, 2011

US: Niger is Detaining Gadhafi Goons & Talking With Rebel Goverment

Niger has agreed to detain the 20 to 25 pro-Gadhafi Libyan officials who fled to that border country amid the collapse of the regime, the U.S. said today. 

"What we have suggested to the government of Niger -- and they have already taken these measures -- was that, in the first instance, they should be detained. So they have been detained," said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

"And in the second instance, that Niger should open a dialogue with the (rebel) Transitional National Council about these folks' future and what their intentions were and what the TNC representing the Libyan people thinks the appropriate future course would be. So that is ongoing now," Nuland said.

The convoy that crossed into Niger reportedly included Mansour Dao, the former commander of Libya's Revolutionary Guards and a cousin of Gadhafi.

It is up to the TNC to decide whether they will press for the return of the Gadhafi regime officials, Nuland said.

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