Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama Cites Economists Calling Jobs Bill Insurance Against Double-Dip

President Obama sends Congress the $447 billion American Jobs Act to Congress today with the sales pitch that experts are calling his plan to boost the economy an insurance policy against a double-dip recession.

"When you look at what independent economists are saying about the American Jobs Act, my jobs plan, uniformly what they are saying is this buys us insurance against a double-dip recession and it almost certainly helps the economy grow and will put more people back to work," Obama told NBC News. "And that's what the American people want right now."

Obama also appealed to Republicans to not re-live the debt ceiling debacle again and put the markets and Main Street Americans at risk.

"What we've done is we've been able to stabilize the economy. And, you know, that is an enormous accomplishment. But the fact of the matter is we are not where we need to be. And it is important for us to not relitigate all the arguments of the past, but rather to say right now, what are the smartest things we can do to put people back to work?" Obama added.

This from a White House official:

"The President will make remarks in the Rose Garden on the need for Congress to pass the American Jobs Act. He will announce that he will be sending the bill to Congress on Monday evening when Congress comes back into session. He will call on Congress to pass the bill, which contains the kinds of proposals to grow the economy and create jobs that have been supported by both parties in the past. He will be joined at the Rose Garden event by people from across the country who would benefit from the American Jobs Act, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners, and veterans."

The Democratic National Committee is providing Obama some air cover with a new TV ad to try to help make his case for Congress to pass the bill.

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