Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Syria Going Better Than Libya for Opposition?

Syria is now being run by a caretaker government after the cabinet of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stepped down as a concession to protesters who refused to be broken by a deadly crackdown by security forces.

Dozens of Syrians haver been killed, beaten or imprisoned by al-Assad's secret police in recent weeks. The Syrian dictator is expected to address the unrest in a speech tomorrow before the Syrian parliament to address the parliament, state-run television reported.

Some Syrian protesters demanding political and social reforms are skeptical that the resignation today of the ruling Baath Party government is a real step in that direction.

"What they hear in the media is completely different to what they see on the ground. That is why they don't believe the promises of the government that it will reform itself," Syrian national Mounir Atassi tells the BCC in this article that delves into the history behind the al-Assad regime.

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