Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rebels Prevail in Zawiyah After Massacre

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said France is serious about seeking a United Nations Security Council resolution approving a no-fly zone in Libya.

"We are working in New York with the British to get a UN Security Council resolution creating an air exclusion zone to avoid bombings," he said.

The British are also getting queezy over Moammar Gadhafi's use of air power to try to stem the revolution that is sweeping over his country.

The rebels have asked for air cover from Gadhafi as they make their push for Tripoli.

Here is a new one: How about using the Predator drones over Libya?, U.S. writer asks.

End update

Rebels held off pro-Gadhafi forces in Zawiyah today, the scene of a bloodbath yesterday at the hands of forces loyal to the doomed dictator.

"This was a real massacre. The situation is catastrophic. They killed many people. They killed my daughter," a doctor in Zawiyah told AFP.

In another blow to Moammar Gadhafi, rebels also repelled attacks by pro-government forces and captured the oil-rich city of Ras Lana.

The die-hard rebels held on as the West continued talks, but still bumbled along without making a firm decision either way on the status of no-fly zones over Libya.

Blogger Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post mocks the "realists" in the White House as she poses the questions, If not Libya, then when Mr. President?

As promised, however, the U.S. is joining in a multi-national airlift of refuges in Tunisia. The first of at least four U.S. military aircraft landed in Tunisia to help airlift Egyptians who fled the turmoil in Libya.

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