Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Report & Protesters Call for End to Controversial Immigration Program

The National Community Advisory Commission and the Center for Constitutional Rights released a report today recommending the termination of the Secure Communities program aimed at deporting illegal immigrants.

The report condemns the federal fingerprint-sharing program, concluding all it really has done is split loved ones apart while it takes away too much time from local police officers who are already overworked chasing criminals and solving cases.

"This report confirms what immigrant communities have long known. The program called Secure Communities results in the opposite. The experts confirm that entangling local police in immigration enforcement is not just bad policy," the National Community Advisory Commission said in a statement.

"Conscripting local police into immigration enforcement has provoked a massive civil rights crisis our country now faces. The only suitable approach is to end Secure Communities," the commission added.

The commission's findings come amid another round of demonstrations by civil rights advocates in several cities, including Chicago, Charlotte and Atlanta, where protesters gathered outside the local Democratic Party's headquarters, demanding President Obama nix the program.

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