Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rebels Scoff at Russian Proposal to Let Gadhafi Go Free

Talk of striking a deal that would allow Moammar Gadhafi to step down without fear of reprisal is back.

This time word comes from Russia, where President Dmitri Medvedev is working as a mediator in talks to try to come to a political solution to the crisis rather than Gadhafi's exit coming at the wrong end of a NATO missile.

Russian newspaper Kommersant is reporting that even France is ready to propose a peaceful exit for Gadhafi.

"The colonel is sending signals that he’s ready to leave power in exchange for a security guarantee," a high-placed source in the Russian government told Kommersant. "And such guarantees are ready to be offered to him."

So far there is no word whether this latest round of talks will bear fruit. Libyan rebel leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil signaled he is not on board with the Russian concept for a negotiated solution to the revolution.

"There is absolutely no current or future possibility for Gadhafi to remain in Libya," Abdul-Jalil said in an email sent to the Associated Press."There is no escape clause for Gadhafi - he must be removed from power and face justice."

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