Monday, May 16, 2011

Kerry: Pakistan Will Return Stealth Helicopter

Sen. John Kerry announced Pakistan will return the tail-section wreckage from the U.S. stealth helicopter used in the raid on Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad compound in a sign that Islambad wants to repair its soiled image with the United States.

Playing the role of "God cop," the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee disclosed the offer after a day of meetings with Pakistan's military and civilian leaders, The Guardian reported.

The U.S. and Pakistan had “agreed on a specific series of steps that will be implemented in order to get the relationship on track," Kerry said, according to The Washington Post.

Relations have soured since the U.S. stormed bin Laden's lair. Pakistan says the U.S. action ignored its sovereignty, while the U.S. wants to know how bin Laden was hiding out under the noses of the Pakistani military and intelligence service.

“I’ll say again and again: The make or break is real,” Kerry said. “There are members of Congress who aren’t confident that [the relationship] can be patched back together again. That is why actions, not words, are going to be critical to earning their votes.”

One in five Americans think bin Laden is still alive. Los Angeles Times blogger Andrew Malcolm asks, Ah, what?

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